Why I Like Aikido…

This page is a medium for students to express their Aikido experiences and insights with others –

I like Aikido because…. (quotes from students in one sentence)

  1. It has taught me how to fall properly, which could potentially save my life some day.
  2. It has helped me to build some great friendships.
  3. It builds confidence.
  4. It is a great way to stay healthy and in shape.
  5. It helps me to realize my true potential as a human being.
  6. Aikido is truly preserving and defensive in its intention and application.
  7. It keeps my Ego in check.
  8. Aikido has taught me to move more fluidly.
  9. Aikido taught me an alternative to confrontation and avoiding confrontation, i.e. blending and redirecting.
  10. Learning Aikido is about process, not outcomes.
  11. Aikido keeps me humble, keeps me in “Beginner’s Mind”.
  12. Thinking about Aikido calms me when I am upset.
  13. Aikido teaches us about the connection between all things–showing us that how we treat one another is a reflection of how we treat our selves.
  14. it helps me to perform at my best, by integrating the mental and physical aspects of my abilities.
  15. Aikido is nonjudgmental. It just is.
  16. It keeps me engaged with reality, it reminds me to never give up or give in despite enormous challenges.

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