Training Protocol

  1. Sign in at the check-in desk (and make payments for classes as needed).
  2. Try and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to training time to allow time to change clothes, set up mats, and warm-up on your own. This is also time to practice falls, techniques or kata with senior students.
  3. Our Aikido class starts with a 30 minute warm-up including conditioning, neuro-muscular programming, stretching, and falling drills. Once warmed up we start our technical Aikido training.
  4. Training generally occurs in pairs Uke being the “attacker” or “one who receives the fall,” and Nage the “one receiving the attack” or “one who neutralizes the aggression”. These positions should be exchanged roughly every 4th attack for balanced training.
  5. Uke should provide an earnest attack at the speed and intensity that challenges Nage but, a) not so intense that Nage is unable to appropriately neutralize the aggression b) that Uke is able to handle the speed and intensity of the fall required for the attack.
  6. Nage should counter Uke’s attack with the recommended technique using good form, relaxation and with a sense of learning by “feel” (you are programming your responses with repetition, therefore program well each time). Be aware of Uke’s ability to fall; good training partners are hard to find.
  7. Uke needs to get-up from receiving the fall as soon as possible and attack again when Nage is ready. This optimizes the training time with maximum repetitions. Once the attack is obviously failing, Uke will move in a manner to minimize the stress on his/ her joints and to minimize the impact of falling while conserve energy for a theoretical counter attack. This is an important part of training and allows for prolonged intense and productive Aikido training.
  8. Proper etiquette requires that one bow towards the Shomen (pictures of the founders) and again towards the training area/ fellow students after you enter the training hall. This can be done standing or more formally on your knees. If you are late, before you step onto the mat (when class has already started) wait for permission from the instructor and bow to the instructor and toward the other students.
  9. At the end of training everyone will assist in putting away the mats.
  10. Sign Shinki Aikido log book before leaving the training area.