Excuse Page…

This page is dedicated to those important life circumstances and mental states that interrupt our life long pursuit of self development through Aikido training.

I can’t go to Aikido tonight because…

  1. I’m playing a gig
  2. I’m going out of town to a cousin’s Bar Mitzva
  3. I have to prep for a colonoscopy.
  4. My car was totaled by an unwary driver..
  5. I have pneumonia.
  6. I’m behind on my school work.
  7. My ex-wife is having a crisis.
  8. I’m passing a kidney stone.
  9. I have a new job.
  10. I dislocated my shoulder wrestling
  11. I need to get my hips replaced. I’ll be back afterwards.
  12. My new Bujin pants are too hard and stiff.
  13. I have a dinner date at Shari’s restaurant.
  14. My nose is “stuffy”.
  15. I am going to Buck’s Run for a scholarship event on behalf of my friend’s daughter…
  16. Sensei gave me a vasectomy.
  17. I have to work on Thursday nights.
  18. My shoulder hurts, and my therapist was extra mean.
  19. I had to do some consulting work.
  20. I went to my son’s concert.
  21. I broke my ankle playing Wallyball.
  22. I am visiting my brother in North Carolina.
  23. Because Chuck Norris said so!
  24. I was distracted by my new job.
  25. I have to travel to my son’s baseball tournaments.
  26. I broke my collar bone practicing at home.
  27. I had to have surgery on my back.
  28. I’m too tired from baby sitting.
  29. I had to make up work due to attending a funeral and a job interview.
  30. It’s the wrong day of the month.
  31. Its raining, and I have to ride my bike
  32. I just haven’t been motivated lately.
  33. I have a class that night this semester
  34. I think I might be getting “a cold”.
  35. I’m working on my master’s degree.
  36. My dog attacked me.
  37. I will miss my kids if I am away from them any more then I already am
  38. I have to go to prayer group.
  39. I’ll start training next ___________ (fill in the time interval and repeat).
  40. I’m busy working on my boat.
  41. I went to Japan.
  42. I have to coach baseball.
  43. I am lazy.
  44. The Kung Pao chicken doesn’t agree with me.
  45. I have athlete’s foot.
  46. I’m afraid my Xenical might start working on accident.
  47. I can’t find a baby sitter.
  48. I had to purchase a building.
  49. I have to watch Star Gate on Monday nights.
  50. I ran out of Ki (Chi, Qi).
  51. I’m just too busy.
  52. I had to remodel my kitchen.
  53. I already have it all on video tape.
  54. I was having a menopausal moment.
  55. We had a party the day prior and I ate too much .
  56. I had to arrest two people.
  57. I was busy planning my wedding.
  58. My boss made me work late.
  59. I had to admit someone to the hospital.
  60. It’s hard to stay organized in the summer.
  61. I hurt my ankle chasing a runaway.
  62. Your karma ran over my dogma.
  63. I cut my wrist tapping on a window.
  64. I was in Jamaica.
  65. I thought that the instructor wouldn’t be there.
  66. I was studying for a sociology examination.
  67. I was in “The Hood”.
  68. My dog ate my gi.
  69. I need to practice up first.
  70. I sssuuuccckkkkk!
  71. I’m working on a tan.
  72. My _________(fill in the blank) hurts.
  73. Its my birthday
  74. I couldn’t get a babysitter.
  75. I had to direct traffic.
  76. I’m not sure this stuff really works anyways.
  77. My spouse won’t let me go.
  78. Aikido has nothing to do with weapons training.
  79. I wasn’t sure if I was welcome.
  80. The bugs are too bad.
  81. I have a meeting in the neighborhood.
  82. I’m going to the dentist.
  83. I had a bad day.
  84. I’m under doctors orders to stay away.
  85. I ate beans for lunch.
  86. I’m in love.
  87. It’s my anniversary.
  88. I have to go to the Neurosugeon.
  89. _____________(fill in the day of the week) night is a bad night for me.
  90. I have to go to a vestry meeting.
  91. My feet get too dirty.
  92. I don’t do weapons.
  93. I have a board meeting.
  94. I was avoiding testing.
  95. I don’t want to get hurt before vacation.
  96. I’m going to see a solar eclipse in Europe.
  97. My car broke down.
  98. I pulled a muscle working out before Aikido practice.
  99. My fingers get too cold.
  100. We just had a baby.
  101. Aikido just isn’t aggressive enough for me.
  102. You made me too aggressive.
  103. I have to stay home an wait for my couch to be delivered.
  104. I’m just not over the winter blahs.
  105. I had to talk to the priest about getting married.
  106. I didn’t know it was Monday.
  107. My wife is having surgery.
  108. The mats are too hard.
  109. I had to save a parishioner.
  110. I’m too stressed.
  111. A timber truck dumped its logs on my car.
  112. I sweat too much.
  113. It’s a bad time of the month.
  114. I just don’t get this stuff.
  115. I have to prepare for a Girl Scout meeting.
  116. Aikido takes too long to learn.
  117. I don’t like to fall.
  118. It’s my anniversary.
  119. We don’t train frequently enough; so it’s not worth my time.
  120. The planets are not in the proper alignment.
  121. I’m too tired.
  122. I’m on a bus tour of Gettysburg.
  123. I have a headache.
  124. I fell asleep.
  125. It’s my babysitter’s birthday.
  126. I’m too tired because my roommate talks all night.
  127. I have to visit my friend’s wife while he teaches Aikido (leopard robe).
  128. Judo is more practical.
  129. I don’t need the practice because I have it all figured out in my head.
  130. My optometrist dilated my eyes and I couldn’t drive.
  131. I was out hunting.
  132. My doctor reinjured my arm demonstrating Aikido to a cute P.A.
  133. The snow was too deep.
  134. I’m waiting until I’m not angry.
  135. It’s too hot in the summer.
  136. I’m training-up for Aikido.
  137. I’m just too busy this time of year.

More excuses accepted at info@shinki-aikido.com.
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